Immigration Solicitors

Because of our different kinds of services, our clients from around the world, who have actually done their research about immigrating to Canada and the fact that they require different levels of assistance from us. You have a choice from any of the following Packages:

Free consultation from westkinassociates – immigration solicitors London
Assess client’s qualifications for immigration to Canada.
Provide professional advise on the immigration law and regulations of Canada
Application forms, list of documents to support your application to avoid making mistakes, as well as instructions on how to complete the applications and submit it to the appropriate Canadian immigration office
Provide client information, main duties and responsibilities of his/her profession published by the Canadian government in order to assist client to obtain reference letters from present and previous employers
Review and identify all required documents and supporting evidence for submission of the file.
Your application will be prepared by our experienced immigration specialists and make sure that it is filled out properly with all the information and supported by all necessary documents required by the immigration.
Assist in the preparation for any interview granted in consideration of the application and provide all interview material to the client as required to study and prepare him to pass the interview
Report and advise client with respect to the status of the immigration proceedings and provide client with copies of all relevant immigration proceedings and correspondences.
Interview preparation and hints.
Interview Questions and Answers.
Free online support to any questions you may have during the processing of your application until your visa is issued.
Useful Links about Canada
List of Canadian companies that you may search online for a job and submit your Curriculum Vitae to.
General information about government in Canada, education, employment opportunities, health. your rights and responsibilities in Canada, and information about buying or renting a house, etc.
Interview documents
We provide a quality professional services and we will represent and support you up to the end of your immigration process


Complete processing service.
This package includes all of the above.